Thursday, November 22, 2018

A Thanksgiving Story

I’d forgotten to defrost the turkey and so have it in the clothes dryer early this morning on the “Wrinkle Free” setting. As an added bonus, all that tumbling should tenderize the bird nicely, though the constant banging around in there is so loud,  I can barely hear myself think.  OK, I may be exaggerating here just a bit… the dryer is actually on the “Sheets” setting.

But joking aside, I do have a real Thanksgiving story to tell:

My sister Sue, the genealogist in our family, spent years researching our history, and found that we  go back to the first Thanksgiving. She subsequently had her work certified by the Mayflower Society as showing us to be, on our father’s side, a 13th generation blood relative of Mayflower voyager William Brewster. Upon arrival, William was immediately elected senior elder and religious leader of the Plymouth Colony, and thus presided over, and blessed, the very first Thanksgiving feast in 1621.

Regrettably, being a compulsive historian, I could not leave it at just that, and so began to research further back—I didn’t have to go far. It turns out that William Brewster’s father had been a bit of a lecher. Despite holding important civic positions as the bailiff and postmaster of Scrooby, England, he was widely known as “William the Fornicator” (Nick Bunker, Making Haste from Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World: A New History, First Vintage Books, 2011, p. 125).  

And so, the moral of this inspiring holiday story is:

“Family historians, like gamblers, should quit when they’re ahead.” 

 Happy Thanksgiving to all! 

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  1. Mike -- Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. As for that bad Billy Brewster, check out the Black Sheep Society. You can join this esteemed group. Have to have some kind of bad boy in the family tree. Cheers, Brendan


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